Corner bath in a small bathroom
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Comfortable living conditions are of great importance for every person. With a small-sized apartment or house, the problem of compact and convenient placement of all the necessary elements of a bathroom is especially acute. The principle of placing a corner bathroom The bathroom can rightfully be considered the most visited place in an apartment or house.
Bathtub is the most important element of the decoration of this room
To date, there
Is a huge selection of bathtubs of various materials and different shapes. In a small space, it is very important to lay the pipes compactly. A corner bath in a small bathroom not only saves precious space in the room, but also creates a comfortable environment for personal hygiene or just relaxing after a hard day.
Bathtub of this design
Will not only help save more free space
But also fit perfectly into any interior. Today it has become very popular to install corner baths. Sizes and prices for them are selected depending on the area of ​​​​the premises and the financial capabilities of consumers. A corner bath made of steel in a small bathroom will look especially presentable if its surface is covered with enamel. Also, the enamel coating makes it practical and durable to use. A significant advantage is the affordable price. And the disadvantage can be considered not too high level of heat saving.
Most common type of products
In question is a cast iron bath. It maintains the water temperature well and does not require special care, it is also easy to install despite its great weight. Polymer concrete bathtubs with acrylic have a unique design. Such a small corner bath will compactly fit into the bathroom and give the room an incredibly luxurious look. Bathroom sizes Corner bathrooms are symmetrical and asymmetrical. They are also different in size: from 120 to 185 feelings.
They are connected on both the right and left sides. Basically, corner baths have the following dimensions: 180 * 130 cm; 115 * 72 cm Regardless of the size, they are presented on the plumbing market in three forms: petal; truncated drop; fans. The smallest symmetrical acrylic bath is only 120 by 120 centimeters, while the largest is 156 by 156 centimeters.
Asymmetric corner bathtub
Has dimensions ranging from 140 to 185 centimeters and from 75 to 105 centimeters. Models of small sizes are installed without problems even in small bathrooms. Acrylic corner asymmetric bathtub will amaze not only with its appearance, but also with ease of installation. Acrylic does not delaminate, so performance properties are significantly increased. The disadvantage can be considered the fragility of the material from which the plumbing is made. It is prone to scratches and mechanical damage. Installation The corner bath in a small room is installed extremely quickly. Installation can be entrusted to specialists, or you can do it yourself. At the beginning of the installation, it is necessary to find out the exact dimensions of the bathroom and the location of the installation.
The next step is the supply of hot and cold water. A drain is made, and only then is the installation of the bathroom carried out. A corner asymmetric bathtub is installed on special supports. Legs are usually sold as a set when purchasing plumbing. In the absence of such details, the installation is carried out on a brick foundation.

During installation, special attention should be paid to the tightness of the sides to the walls. This is an extremely important point, because with insufficient tightening, the integrity of the bathroom can be damaged. The seams between the sides and the walls must be carefully sealed with special means. This is done to prevent water from entering under the structure after running down the wall.

Bathtubs are made of polymer
Which is a type of plastic. It is thanks to this that it is possible to give products of various shapes and colors. This corner bath is equipped with a seat, handles and shelves. There are double options. The inner surface has a protective layer consisting of fiberglass, resin and hardener. The duration of use with proper care is from ten to fifteen years. The weight of such a bath does not exceed 25 kilograms, which greatly simplifies the delivery and installation process.
Such plumbing
Has good thermal conductivity. Among the shortcomings, the possibility of deviation of the pipes can be singled out. But this is easy to fix during installation. The space between the floor and the bottom of the bathtub must be filled with mounting foam so that the bathtub does not settle or deform.

Bath for two: there are times when you want to share the relaxation process in the bathroom with your partner. It was in these situations that manufacturers of bathtubs for two came to the rescue. Today, there are a large number of these products on the market. Angular, rectangular, oval - all are popular with the population.
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